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Tips, tricks, and ideas for financial management and success.

We’re joining forces with our partner, trusted national nonprofit GreenPath Financial Wellness, to spotlight free resources designed to help you deepen your… continue reading.

At Community First FCU, we want our members to have as much peace of mind as possible regarding their accounts. To help bring about that tranquility… continue reading.

Innovation in technology affects all aspects of our lives. Community First FCU embraces new technologies to bring… continue reading.

Rent and home prices are hitting record highs recently and many of us face challenges when it comes to affordable housing.

What’s a healthy amount of your monthly budget to spend on housing? A common rule of thumb when it comes to your housing budget is to spend no more than… continue reading

It has been quite a year – full of staycations, stay-at-home schooling, stay-at-home everything! Even though we are ready to get out of the house, we must be mindful of… continue reading

The federal tax laws are changed by Congress and implemented by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  The Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) interpret the laws and publish official tax guidance.  As portions of these laws can change every year, it is important to… continue reading

When looking for a loan the decision of which financial institution to use is important.  If the loan types available and the rates are similar, then you may… continue reading

Prepare your vacation days – it’s summer! Here at Community First, we, just like many of us here in the Great Lakes State, know that summer is one of the best seasons Mother Nature has to offer. We also know that making the most out of summer can… continue reading

Many people set New Year’s Resolutions to be healthier or to give up something. I think a good mindset to create in January is to… continue reading

Some believe that checks are becoming obsolete because we mainly use debit and credit cards and mobile pay. However, checks are still used every day. Unfortunately, there are those fraudsters out there that… continue reading

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Paying off debit is an amazing financial goal. Not only does it free up your paycheck for other purposes, but it can reduce stress. When you pay off a debit, make sure to… continue reading

Sometimes life just happens.  We lose our income or lose a portion of it and that makes paying bills hard.  Sometimes just an unexpected cost comes up, like car maintenance or… continue reading

Inflation continues to put pressure on household budgets.
From groceries to gas, record-breaking inflation means the pur-chasing power of your money is de-creasing each month.
Our partner GreenPath Financial Wellness offers you… continue reading

National Get Smart About Credit Day falls in October, serving as an annual reminder for all of us to build healthy credit habits. The national nonprofit GreenPath Financial Wellness shares the following… continue reading