Loan Rates - Effective Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Loan TypeRates as low asTerms/Information
New Vehicle Loan2.740%Great Rates on New Cars
2017-2020 Used Auto3.000%Enjoy hometown service with a great rate on a like new auto!
2016 Used Auto5.000%Great Rates on Used Cars
2015 Used Auto5.500%Great Rates on Used Cars
2014 Used Auto5.750%Great Rates on Used Cars
2013 Used Auto and Older6.250%Great Rates on Used Cars
Credit Cards9.900%1% Cash Back Rewards and More!
Home Equity Loan4.500%Tap into your house's equity and save money
Unsecured Signature Loan9.500%using only your signature for collateral!
Recreational/Equipment-New4.250%Boats, ATVs, etc | Equipment Loan to Help Your Business Grow
Recreational/Equipment-Used4.750%Boats, ATVs, etc | Equipment Loan to Help Your Business Grow

For current long term mortgage rates or a home equity line of credit, please call:

Lakeview Branch: (989) 352-6031

Howard City Branch: (231) 937-9400

Trufant Branch (616) 984-9700

Morley Branch: (231) 307-6164


Certificate Rates - Effective Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Certificate TermAPYMinimum Deposit
12 MONTH CD0.050%$100.00
18 MONTH CD0.010%$100.00
36 MONTH CD0.070%$100.00



Savings Rates - Effective Thursday, October 1, 2020
REGULAR SHARES0.050%$0.00$10.00
REGULAR SHARES0.050%$0.00$2,500.01
REGULAR SHARES0.050%$0.00$10,000.01
REGULAR SHARES0.050%$0.00$25,000.01
CHRISTMAS CLUB0.100%$0.00$0.00
VACATION CLUB0.100%$0.00$0.00
MONEY MARKET DRAFT0.070%$0.00$2,500.00
MONEY MARKET DRAFT0.100%$0.00$10,000.00
MONEY MARKET DRAFT0.150%$0.00$25,000.00
SUB SHARES0.050%$0.00$0.00
SUB SHARES0.050%$0.00$2,500.01
SUB SHARES0.050%$0.00$10,000.01
SUB SHARES0.050%$0.00$25,000.01