ACH Origination Services

Reduce costs of check stock, postage, and payroll staff time. Send employees their payroll to any financial institution in the United States.

  • Employees’ money is available quicker
  • No lost payroll checks in the mail
  • No waiting for checks to clear your business checking account
  • Secure site for employer

All members must be approved for a credit exposure limit by a loan officer of Community First Federal Credit Union based on the following criteria:

  • Financial Statement
  • Income Tax Review
  • Credit Bureau Report
  • Credit Risk Rating Score
  • The Overall Membership Relationship

Community First Federal Credit Union together with each Originator shall execute an agreement that binds the Originator to the ACH Rules, defines the responsibilities of both parties, and identifies processing requirements for specific application-related procedures.

Community First Federal Credit Union will no longer offer Virtual Strongbox services. If you are a current member using this service, the last day you will have the ability to access your documents is Friday, April 21, 2023. We highly encourage you to remove your digitally saved documents in your Virtual Strongbox account, otherwise they will be forfeited.